The South Carolina Homeschool Accountability Association 

*We do not ask about race, religion, age, gender, and do not discriminate against anyone for any of these reasons (or any other reason).
As a private homeschool Association, we are fully abiding by the law in reserving the right to deny any application or renewal for any reason.

PO Box 463
Gray Court, SC 29645

Please check our FAQ's and Order Forms page for information you may need.

Call or Text:(864) 939 - 8341

1:30 pm-4:30 pm Monday through Friday
Please do not call or text outside of the above hours unless it is a true emergency.  I am a busy, devoted parent, like you!

mail address:
All records requests and membership confirmation verification must be received via email.
Mrs. Lara Caldwell, Owner
Homeschooling mom of 10 years

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~~Many of our families choose different options, so you will need to type in the correct amount for the options you have chosen.~~

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