The South Carolina Homeschool Accountability Association‚Äč

Option 1 - PDF Printable Planner and Record-Keeping Sheets - You will receive an automatic link to download your planner after purchase. Please make sure you are on a device that you can download the file onto. TSCHAA will send you a follow-up email with the file in 1-2 days after purchase. This digital file includes a two-page spread calendar with weekly calendars, a one-page calendar with weekly calendars, printable record-keeping sheets, and PDF files that allow you to fill in some areas of the record-keeping sheets before printing. You can fill them in on the computer, then print them or save them to your computer. 

Option 2 - Spiral-bound Printed Planner - this planner is printed via You will receive a printed double spread calendar and weekly calendars in a spiral binding (pictured above). If you email TSCHAA a copy of your receipt, we will email you the printable record-keeping sheets that include both printable sheets to write on and ones you can fill out on the computer before printing.


2021-2022 Planner Now Available to Purchase!

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The South Carolina Homeschool Accountability Association, LLC