I am new to homeschooling in SC. Where can I learn more about homeschooling under Option 3?

Please visit Third Option Homeschooling to learn about homeschooling under Option 3, curriculum choices, SC resources, and more.

If I sign up under your Association, how quickly can I pull my child out of school?

As soon as your membership with TSCHAA has been approved, you can withdraw your child from a public or private school. TSCHAA will email you an acceptance letter to take to the school to show proof of legal homeschooling. It is the parents' responsibility to formally withdraw their student(s) from public/private school. If you do not formally withdraw your child, you may face truancy charges. 

What do you offer, in addition to accountability?

  • Free planning and record-keeping sheets 
  • Phone and email support (Contact Us here)
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • TSCHAA members-only online support groups
  • Discounted membership with HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense Association)
  • All of the following are optional services for an additional fee: 

- Transcript service (Order Transcript)

- High school diplomas (Order Diploma)

- Report cards - any grade level (Order Report Card)

Do you require testing?

No. Testing is not required by SC state law.  If you are interested in testing your student, there are many options for homeschoolers. Please click here for more information.

Do I have to use a specific curriculum?

No. As a homeschool teacher, you are free to choose any curriculum (or no curriculum) that works best for your family. A list of free resources can be found here. Reviews of popular curriculums can be found at Cathy Duffy Reviews. You may be interested in joining Homeschoolers Co-op. Membership is free, and you qualify for discounts on curriculums through group buys. 

TSCHAA offers a discounted membership to Schoolhouse Teachers curriculum. One low price includes curriculum for your entire family in every grade level! Learn more here.

Am I required to send in progress reports or grades?

No. We leave record-keeping up to the parents, as stated in the SC law. You can find more information about progress reports here.

What records am I required to keep?

As stated in the South Carolina Code of Laws SECTION 59-65-47,  educational records shall be maintained by the parent-teacher and include:

(1) a plan book, diary, or other record indicating subjects taught and activities in which the student and parent-teacher engage; 
(2) a portfolio of samples of the student's academic work
(3) a semiannual progress report including attendance records and individualized documentation of the student's academic progress in each of the basic instructional areas.

These records are to be maintained by the parent. TSCHAA does not keep student records on file. An explanation of the law can be found here.

What other requirements need to be met to homeschool?

The parent-teacher must have a high school diploma or GED. Your children must be in school for 180 days each year. You must be 
the parent or court-ordered legal guardian of the children you homeschool.

Can homeschool parents create their own records?

Yes! As a homeschool parent, you can legally create transcripts, report cards, and diplomas. When creating records, you should make them look as professional as possible. Please refer to the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education for more information regarding transcripts, SC UGP, and report cards. (For members who do not wish to create their own documents, TSCHAA offers record-keeping services for an additional fee.)

Do you rank seniors?

No, we do not rank students. Your student can still qualify for a scholarship without class ranking. Scholarship information can be found here. TSCHAA is here to help students and parents navigate the scholarship process.

What are the course requirements to graduate from high school?

The SC law for homeschooling only specifies that you teach reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies, and in grades seven through twelve, composition and literature. However, TSCHAA recommends that you follow the required courses for a SC diploma found here. If your child plans to attend college, we recommend checking the requirements of the colleges of their choice to see what is required for admissions. TSCHAA offers a High School Graduation Planning guide for members in our Members Area. For more information on choosing high school courses, click here. Please be advised that TSCHAA does NOT validate honors courses. TSCHAA will only put honors credit on transcripts if the course was taken through an accredited school. Parent/teacher or Co-op taught honors courses will not be validated. 

TSCHAA's Guide to Homeschooling High School

Where can I find information about scholarships?

Scholarship information can be found here. TSCHAA is here to help students and parents navigate the scholarship process.

Where can I use my TSCHAA member card for discounts?

The SC State Museum offers free admission for one adult and all children when you show your member card. Many craft stores and bookstores offer an educator discount. Ripley's Aquariums offer discounted tickets, as well as some science museums. Make sure you have your TSCHAA member card with you to show proof of homeschooling, and always ask about homeschool discounts before purchasing tickets to museums and tourist attractions. The TSCHAA handbook has a list of businesses that offer discounts.

I have a question not answered on this page. Who can I contact?

You can contact us here. TSCHAA is happy to answer your questions, and we are here to support you throughout your homeschool journey. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way.

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